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Welcome Antique Lovers and Collectors….My name is Guido Meens and I Repair, Sell and Restore Antique Clocks which has been my lifes work, I take enormous pride in my work and products, I hope you will find what you are looking for on my website.
At the Antique Clock Shop we restore/repair and service vintage and antique clocks music boxes and barometers. We also buy and sell antique clocks, music boxes and barometers servicing the whole of Australia and in particular the South West and also Perth area, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best possible quality products and personal service. You can discuss your restoration or sales requirements by contacting us by email info@antiqueclockshop.com.au or by phoning 0428 923 250.
Not all of the available stock is listed on the website. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us as we have many more clocks under restoration or waiting for restoration. We can restore your clocks, service them or trade them on the clock of your choice from our selection many are collectors items but every price bracket is catered for.shop1

All purchases are final and returns due to the items nature being Vintage or Antique are generally not accepted unless any issue with the item itself or the item’s description as to it’s condition or performance being unacceptable to the purchaser and is reported to us within the 7 days of receipt. In the event an item arrives damaged or in none working order we need to be informed within the 7 working days of receipt by the buyer and all relevant information needed for an insurance claim if applicable is to be supplied within the said 7 working days. All packing materials need to be retained by the buyer until a lodged claim has been approved. All items received by the purchaser that require any repairs alterations or adjustments need to be returned to us in the condition as received for assessment by us regarding a claim by the buyer for repair, replacement or a partial/full refund, any interference with the item or attempt to repair of rectify by the purchaser or any other party will void any claims for repair, replacement or refund.Return shipping cost to be born by the buyer. Return shipping cost after repairs to the buyer are born by us.
Due to the nature of our items being Vintage or Antique any warranty is limited to the item not being in working order on arrival and conditions as per the above, any claims as to the accuracy of time keeping of the clocks must be made within 7 days of receipt.
Please understand that our clocks and other items are antiques and in some cases over 100 years old and accuracy expectation need to be realistic taken into account the age of the purchased items.
If you expect your antique clock to be perfect than please do not commit to any purchase from our shop to avoid disappointment.